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    Meet the Author: The Power of Play-Based Learning

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    28 Feb, 2024

    17 : 43

    • Join us for an enlightening experience within the world of innovative early childhood education! Enhance your knowledge as a parent, caregiver and educator by attending a captivating public panel discussion and a unique book signing event featuring the renowned expert on early childhood education, Dr Stephanie C. Sanders-Smith. You will gain invaluable insights into the latest research, trends, and best practices on the topic of “The Power of Learning Through Play: Why Our Children Should Grow Through Play”.


      Join Dr Stephanie C. Sanders-Smith, an Associate Professor in Early Childhood Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, as she delves into the world of progressive early childhood education. Dr Sanders-Smith is a Yew Chung - Bernard Spodek Scholar and lead author of the book titled The Yew Chung Approach to Early Childhood Education. The Yew Chung Approach is not a set of discrete practices, instead it is a philosophy that draws together Confucian teachings with John Dewey's Western Progressive Education theory, aiming at providing an inclusive learning environment of both Chinese and Western culture, and has laid the foundation for the 21st-century early childhood education curriculum development with innovation. The core of the philosophy is 12 Values that lie beneath everyday practices and staff structure, lifting the education of young children from an instrumental activity to one that is a moral practice and also a guide for relationships between adults and children and between peers. In her book, Dr Sanders-Smith delves into the 'Twelve Values' that showcase how the innovative Yew Chung philosophy of early child development is rooted in our everyday practice of inquiry-based pedagogy and child-led play. Embark on an exciting journey to explore the practice and philosophy of transformative early childhood education with Dr Sanders-Smith and discover how young learners are empowered through play-based learning.


      What to Expect?


      Personalised book signings


      Meet the author, Dr Sanders-Smith and get a signed copy of your book with a special message for you and your child. Copies of “The Yew Chung Approach to Early Childhood Education” in English and Chinese will be available for purchase on-site.


      Fireside Chat


      You will benefit from handcrafted questions that cover the most relevant topics on learning through play with direct and practical answers. Our panellists of education professionals are dedicated to delivering valuable advice, sharing experiential stories and presenting you with the latest research on early childhood development.


      Q&A Session


      This is an exclusive opportunity to address your individual questions, interact with the author, Dr Sanders-Smith, our Head of ECE, Ms. Margaret Zhang and Western Team Leader, Ms. Tammy Adeniyi and get inspired by the mission of Yew Chung to provide multilingualism and a global perspective to children.


      Networking & Refreshments


      Connect with our ECE team leaders and teachers, fellow parents, and representatives while sharing your own educational experiences. Enjoy refreshments and the welcoming atmosphere of our school's engaging family-teacher relationships.


      ECE Campus Tour


      Following the panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to tour our ECE facilities and witness how we incorporate the Yew Chung Approach in the design of our learning spaces and play areas. Explore firsthand how we elevate the early education of our youngest learners through an emergent play-based curriculum in our indoor and outdoor environments.


      Attend this seminar and book signing event to gain a unique and innovative perspective on early childhood education. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and join us for a morning filled with insights into a globally inspired and future-oriented approach to childhood education. Discover how and why children grow through play and how we can empower their well-being and best interests.


      We look forward to getting together in our joint pursuit of providing a high-quality education and a bright future for our children!



    • As spaces are limited, secure your spot in this one-of-a-kind event by scanning the QR code above.