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    Achievement Scholarship Opportunities at YCIS Beijing

    Student Blog

    10 Oct, 2016

    10 : 00

    • In this edition of Student Blogs, new YCIS Beijing arrival and Overall Scholarship recipient Khondker Salehin Abrar Haque discusses his impressions of the school and gives advice to potential candidates to help them secure a scholarship of their own.

      Please introduce yourself.

      My name is Khondker Salehin Abrar Haque. I was born in Bangladesh and moved to Beijing with my parents and two siblings one and a half months ago. I entered Year 12 at the Yew Chung International School of Beijing in September of 2016.

      What strategy did you use to demonstrate that you were a suitable candidate for the scholarship?

      I first learnt of YCIS Beijing and the awesome scholarship the school offers through the internet, which made me wholeheartedly desire to be a part of the school. Along with my parents, I talked with the school admissions office and learnt of the rules, criteria, and procedure to apply for the scholarship. I believed that I possessed those qualities, and this gave me the confidence I needed to make a good impression. After doing well in a placement test, I was asked to complete the scholarship application form where I was able to project myself positively through honest and diligent responses. This allowed me to present myself as the most suitable candidate to receive the scholarship.

      What things helped you the most to get through the application process?

      I had brilliant CIE O level results and have also been very active in extra-curricular activities throughout my school life. My good academic transcript along with my experiences in other co-curricular activities helped me make it through the application process. My parents’ encouragement and motivation also helped.

      How has your YCIS Beijing experience been so far?

      My YCIS Beijing experience can only be described by one word - “Excellent.” The teachers are very qualified, helpful, and supportive, and my classmates are cool. The beautiful view and wonderful quiet environment of the school is really suitable for learning and developing. Though it has only been a short time, I have been able to take part in various school events, notably the CAS Fair and iBean awards.

      What do you hope to gain from your YCIS Beijing education?

      Through studying at YCIS Beijing, I hope to gain knowledge and experience as well as basic life skills so that I can become a worthwhile citizen of the society.

      What are your plans for the future?

      After completing my IB Diploma here, I hope to study Aeronautics or Computer Science at a well-reputed university.

      What tips do you have for other students applying for a YCIS Beijing scholarship?

      To students applying for a scholarship at YCIS Beijing, I would like to tell them that research and aspirations are key. If they know much about the school and have an idea of the requirements of the scholarship, they can pass each stage of the process relatively easily.

      The whole scholarship process is divided into three parts –the placement test, completing the scholarship application form, and the interview. The placement test is not too hard and is the first opportunity for students to impress the committee. The scholarship application form requires students to answer some questions about themselves; it is important for them to answer honestly and thoughtfully. Finally and most importantly, the interview: students can do well in the interview if they practice enough as practice will help them to predict what kind of questions will be asked.

      Interested in applying for your own YCIS Beijing scholarship. Check out our scholarships page today!