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    Student Ambassadorship at YCIS Beijing

    Student Blog

    09 Dec, 2016

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    • At the Yew Chung International School of Beijing, we pride ourselves on providing students not just with ample opportunities for academic achievement but also for the development of real-life “soft” skills. It’s with this latter development in mind that the Admissions Department has launched the Student Ambassador programme, a hand-picked selection of high-achieving and dedicated students to advocate for the school from a student perspective. Year 9 student Leander Claussen, one of the inaugural cohort of student ambassadors this year, spoke with us about the privilege of representing YCIS Beijing.

      Please introduce yourself.

      My name is Leander Claussen. I am from Germany and have been at YCIS Beijing for a little more than nine years. I am currently in Year 9, the final stage of KS3 (Key Stage 3) before IGCSE.

      What does it mean to be a student ambassador for YCIS Beijing?

      As a student ambassador, I have been tasked with representing my school during events and open days at the school. For me personally it is an honour and a privilege but also a big responsibility.

      How do you assist the school?

      I assist my school with many things such as Open Day tours or public speaking and helping host events. Most importantly, I get to communicate with our school’s coordinators, pitch ideas, and give my input.

      Why did you decide to get involved in this role?

      I’ve felt (and continue to feel) my nine years here at YCIS Beijing have been an important part of my life. Therefore didn’t want to just stand by and watch changes and improvements being made; I wanted to be a part of helping to make a difference.

      What do you expect to achieve?

      The student ambassadorship is not only a great way for me to help develop our school, but also aids in my personal development. As a student ambassador, I am given the chance to attend public speaking events, open day tours, and many other activities which allow me to build up my knowledge and my confidence while at the same time helping to advance our school’s community.

      What are the challenges of this role?

      What’s challenging about this role is the responsibility. As a student ambassador I am not only the face of our school but also the face of our community. I try my best to maintain the values as a good student, meaning a positive attitude, willingness to learn and help as well as keeping grades up to my best standard.

      What makes a good student ambassador?

      I believe a good student ambassador speaks for his/her community, so it is important that they are aware of concerns within their community. Additionally, a good student ambassador must maintain their values as best they can, exhibiting a positive attitude, keeping up good grades, supporting the school, and, most importantly, always trying their best.

      For students who might be curious about also volunteering as student ambassadors, would you recommend it to them? Why?

      Yes, definitely! It is not only a great experience but also a great chance for you to prove yourself. As a student ambassador, you are given a chance to be the face of our school community and to help make a difference at our school.

      Anything else that you would like to add?

      As a student ambassador, it is very important to remember who you truly are, not just rely on the title or the certificate. You need to honestly and genuinely embody the role. And hey! As a student ambassador, you get to wear a really cool badge!

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