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    UKMT Mathematical Challenges Results


    08 Apr, 2022

    10 : 00

    • “Our students love to be challenged and celebrated.” Robert Ondere, Head of Mathematics

      Since the beginning of the second semester, more than 150 of our students took part in the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) mathematical challenges. The challenges are designed to foster a love of problem-solving and to test students’ ability to perform mathematical reasoning with speed, precision, and fluency. Within the UKMT Intermediate Challenge, 35 students from Year 6 to Year 11 took part with fantastic results. Over one-third of our participants achieved gold certificates which go to the overall 7% best. Apart from 12 gold certificates, our students achieved 5 silver and 10 bronze certificates. As we congratulate all participants for testing their mathematical knowledge, a big well done goes to Sophie Zhou in Year 9 who was awarded Best in School within the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. Sophie also received a perfect score in this year’s UKMT 25th Anniversary challenge. Congratulations!

      Intermediate Challenge
      List of Certificate Winners
      (in alphabetical order)

      Jaydon Chieng
      Zhanhui Gao
      Jiyoon Kim
      Chloe Lee
      Patrick Liu
      Yuqing Li
      Haram Park
      Jimin Sohn
      Chunchi Wong
      Joey Zhang
      Andrew Zhou
      Xiaoou Zhou (Best in School)

      Hok Sum Chan
      Jiarui Liang
      Siwoo Park
      Jiang Xuheng
      Max Muqiao Zong

      Avneet Arora
      Yuktung Chao
      Yunseo Choi
      Elim Kim
      Hayul Park
      Haum Park
      Xiangqian Shen
      Ben Wu
      Ziyue Wu
      Zoe Li Zdunek