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    Online Learning Tips Provided by our Primary Teachers


    06 Jun, 2022

    10 : 00

    • As e-learning is still ongoing and has reoccurred throughout the past three school years, our Primary team has collated a fantastic guidebook to accompany our Primary parents through periods of e-learning.


      It holds tips for a successful e-learning experience, how to establish daily routines and structures, and how to engage in mindfulness activities or physical well-being activities during breaks away from the screen.


      It also reminds the students and parents of expectations set during e-learning and provides motivational charts for success which would vary for every child and could be as simple a goal as preparing the learning area or meeting a certain learning goal.


      The guidebook also provides our latest feedback from parents on our e-learning approach, which we continuously seek to refine. It explains the synchronous and asynchronous elements of our online timetable as well as on which platforms our parents can stay connected with our teachers. Parents are encouraged to reach out to the teachers when questions arise or when learning support or help for emotional well-being is needed.


      No matter teaching online or on campus, our teachers follow the core statements of YCIS throughout to meet our students’ educational aims.


      Please find the full version of the guidebook here.

      Primary E-Learning Parent Guidebook