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    Living History in a Living Museum | Year 4 Study Showcase


    12 Apr, 2023

    11 : 07

    • Step into the past with our Year 4 students as they explore Ancient Rome! Under the guidance of their teachers, pupils crafted dioramas and artefacts that captured the essence of Roman culture and society. Eagerly sharing their knowledge, they transformed their learning spaces into a living museum exhibit for parents to discover.


      This hands-on experience deepened students' understanding of topics such as the Roman Empire, architecture, daily life, and Rome's lasting legacy. Their passion and pride were unmistakable, and parents were amazed by the depth of their comprehension. On the event day, students and teachers donned Roman attire, such as tunics, laurel wreaths, and even mythological costumes, enhancing the festive atmosphere.


      The living museum event emphasised the significance of parental involvement and its positive influence on student motivation and engagement. It proved to be a memorable and rewarding occasion for everyone!