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    Building Bonds | Community Welcome BBQ


    25 Sep, 2023

    19 : 47

    • Last Friday, our campus held its traditional outdoor Welcome BBQ. It is a beloved annual event that celebrates our community and offers a great atmosphere for families, friends, and staff to come together and enjoy delicious food, fun activities, live music, and performances while mingling under the beautiful night sky.







      In addition to connecting and building bonds in a more casual setting, we also gave parents the valuable opportunity to interact with the School Leadership Team, academic leaders and teachers during parent information sessions in our ECE (Early Childhood Education) and our Primary learning communities. These sessions allowed parents to gain insight into their child’s learning environment and daily school life.






      We would like to highlight our school’s exceptional artists, both students and teachers, who enlivened our live stage with their remarkable vocal and instrumental performances. Their collective talent provided a fantastic backdrop to our BBQ, in line with our mission of aligning in Art & Culture.  This contributed to the festive ambience of togetherness that filled the entire celebration, leaving everyone feeling invigorated and joyful.





      We trust that our shared experience at the Welcome BBQ has strengthened our sense of community and set the stage for another successful school year ahead, boosting our motivation and positively impacting our goals for future learning discoveries together.