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    Announcement about the New Western Co-Principal


    26 Jun, 2023

    13 : 01

    • Introducing Ms Shelley Swift 


      Dear Members of the YCIS Beijing Community,


      We would like to share some important news with all of you. Mr James Sweeney, our current Western Co-Principal, will be departing YCIS Beijing at the end of this academic year. We are delighted to introduce Ms Shelley Swift, a highly experienced international educator, who has been appointed as the new Western Co-Principal. Ms Swift will start her new role at the beginning of August 2023. We are confident that Ms Swift will be able to continue the leadership of the school in a positive, innovative and future-oriented direction.


      A warm welcome to Ms Shelley Swift


      Originally from the United Kingdom, Ms Swift obtained her BSc and her MSc in Psychology from the University of the West of England and the University of East London, respectively. As well as being a outstanding classroom teacher, Ms Swift is an experienced administrator. Throughout her teaching career, she has held many key roles in school operations, including the guidance of teachers and academic management, curriculum development and academic evaluation, as well as the mentorship of trainee teachers. As a school leader, Ms Swift is interested in improving teachers' skills through professional development, and enhancing students' well-being through an evidence-based approach based on positive psychology.


      At her present school, Ms Swift holds the position of Deputy Principal, and has a wealth of experience as an international education leader. She has taught and held leadership positions in various countries, such as the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, and Thailand. This experience has given her a deep appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity. Ms Swift has extensive knowledge of the IB curriculum, having served as an IB coordinator and CAS coordinator. At her previous schools, Ms Swift played a critical role in leading the IBO and CIS accreditation processes.


      Because of her upcoming co-leadership role at YCIS Beijing, the School Leadership Team is already supporting Ms Swift during her onboarding process. In addition, our Education Directors, Mr Tin Ip and Ms Shannon Shang will be providing her with expert guidance and unwavering support to ensure a seamless transition.


      Farewell to Mr Sweeney


      As we look forward to meeting Ms Swift, we would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Sweeney for all his contributions and dedication to the school, and wish him all the best for his future. It is difficult for us to say goodbye to Mr Sweeney, who has been a valued and long-serving member of our school, but we are very excited to have Ms Shelley Swift join us as the new Western Co-Principal.  We warmly welcome her. The exceptional experience and expertise of Ms Swift will greatly contribute to the progress and advancement of both the school and our community. We are confident that together with our Chinese Co-Principal, Ms Jessica Sun, and the School Business Manager, Ms Fanny Du, Ms Shelley Swift will form a strong School Leadership Team to further promote the success and development of YCIS Beijing.