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    Secondary Service: CAS Fair Brings Top Charities to Campus


    29 Sep, 2017

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    • Last week, Yew Chung International School of Beijing Secondary students took part in the annual CAS Fair, during which they were introduced to a collection of creative, athletic and service-based activities through which they could complete the CAS component of the YCIS Challenge or their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) coursework.

      A few of the many creative and athletic options on offer included a full range of sports, martial arts, music and drama clubs, as well as robotics and the Model United Nations.  However, YCIS Beijing was also privileged to welcome some of the areas most respected NGOs to campus to share information about their missions and to garner student support.  

      In the midst of the daily stresses and challenges that face Secondary students, the NGOs’ presentations were a reminder to couple their hard-work with an appreciation of the many privileges they already enjoy; they also served as a rousing call-to-action for students looking to help make a difference in the lives of people in need.   

      During the CAS Fair, many YCIS Beijing Secondary students signed up to support the NGOs’ work through marketing, fundraising, teaching, and organising events.  Through this experience, students will be provided the opportunity to put YCIS Beijing’s motto of “Align with Love & Charity” into practice.

      Yet for those members of the Beijing community who would also like to get involved, below is a list of the NGOs who attended this year’s CAS Fair, and who would always welcome extra support.

      Dew Drops Little Flower

      Registered under the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, Dew Drops Little Flower provides comprehensive services to children with complex medical conditions. The primary reason why children are abandoned in China is due to the difficulties of raising a child with a complicated medical condition.  Dew Drops Little Flower undertakes two projects to help with this situation: one, an Orphan Care Center that provides specialized medical care for abandoned children, and two, a Family Support Center that educates families on treatment options for sick children.

      World Vision

      Since 1950, World Vision has been helping the poor become self-reliant through child-focused programmes in education, health and development.  In 2015 alone, they developed projects in 15 Chinese provinces, benefitting over 3 million people. 

      Migrant Children's Foundation (MCF)

      Registered in the UK, Migrant Children’s Foundation aims to enrich the lives of disadvantaged migrant children in Beijing through education, vocational activities, sponsorship and events.  Currently supporting 10 under-resourced Beijing schools, each week volunteers visit to teach children lessons in science, art, English and geography.  MCF also raises money to sponsor individual children whose families cannot afford to pay school fees or undergo mandatory health checks.

      Starfish Project

      A non-profit social enterprise, Starfish Project is a jewellery brand that employs women who have been exploited by human trafficking.  They provide employment, education, medical and emotional care to women in order to empower them to live independently and start their lives anew. 

      Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots

      Founded by Dr Jane Goodall, Roots & Shoots is a youth service programme aimed towards fostering a respect and compassion for all living things.  With the belief that leaders on today’s playground will be leaders in tomorrow’s boardroom, Roots & Shoots inspires young people to take action to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment.

      Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC)

      Educating Girls of Rural China is a charity organisation that is dedicated to providing higher education to impoverished young women from remote regions in Western China.  Through financial sponsorship, family support and mentorship, EGRC offers young women a path towards a brighter future through education. 


      Started in 2008, Roundabout is a social enterprise that serves as a fundraising retail store and as a donation and distribution centre.  They offer assistance to families in need by either passing on donated items, or by selling those items in their retail store in order to raise funds for medical and housing costs for sponsored families.  

      To learn more about the opportunities our Secondary School Programme for our students, click here.