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    The Path for a Sustainable Future


    27 May, 2016

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    • Beijing makes us as parents acutely aware of the severity of ecological issues and the importance of solving them. YCIS Beijing, starting from the very beginning of their schooling, through a combination of hands on learning and unique character education programmes, equips our students with the tools and mindset necessary to instil a sense of responsibility to become a proactive agent of environmental responsibility to ensure a brighter future for our globalised world.

      Starting Young

      By utilizing a play-based learning programme in our Early Childhood Education Centre, our young learners are exposed to and interact with the environment. Students learn about nature during class time, where they explore such topics by making models, maps, and dioramas which are then backed with real world experiences during field trips to butterfly farms, zoos, and aquariums. Instilling a sense of appreciation for the environment in children at an early age is crucial for them to develop into environmentally responsible adults.

      Understanding the Concepts

      In Primary School, students become more mentally mature and are able to understand the more complex issues that surround us on a global and local scale. Learning about the environment comes in the form of case studies and developing a deeper understanding of the root causes of environmental degradation through supervised in-class experiments. YCIS Beijing teachers seek out examples of real life situations for the students to analyse and discuss to discover long and short-term solutions. During their water studies unit, Primary School children looked at droughts and their impact on human existence as well as water pollution, salination problems, and the water table. Practicing critical thinking enables our students to enter society armed with the necessary tools to tackle future problems with sound reasoning and an open mind.

      Putting it into Action

      YCIS Beijing Secondary School Students are taught to become proactive global citizens and are given the skills and opportunity to take part or initiate environmental action programmes. For example, the YCIS Beijing Student Council has created various initiatives to educate fellow students and teachers about environmental issues by holding events throughout the year. Last April was Earth day, and in celebration of the day, the students have organised a “no power hour” to help reduce the school’s carbon footprint, a mufti day to raise money for charity, and an “environmentally-friendly” selfie competition to encourage as many students as possible to take part. While the initial positive effects that these local initiatives have on our environment may be relatively small, the environmental awareness and ambition it promotes in the students will continue to grow and be passed along for generations to come.

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