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    The Value of Character Education


    08 Jul, 2016

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    • In this edition of Teacher Talks, we talk with Primary School Curriculum Coordinator Jennifer Mills about identifying and nurturing the emotional intelligence of our children and the impact it has on their life and studies.

      The concept of emotional intelligence has recently become a widely discussed aspect crucial for a young learner’s ability to accept responsibly for their own studies. In order to truly understand what emotional intelligence is, one must first recognize the key components related to emotional intelligence. As educators and parents, it is our duty to instill these correct components in our child’s character, lest we risk missing out on vital learning opportunities. The five traits that are critical to the development of emotional intelligence are:

      1: Self-awareness: the ability to comprehend moods and emotions as well as their effect on others.2: Self-regulation: the ability to control and redirect disruptive impulses and moods, i.e. impulse control.3: Motivation: a passion for work for reasons that go beyond money or status, enhancing persistence and perseverance.4: Empathy: the ability to identify and acknowledge the emotional make up of other people.5: Social skills: proficiency in managing relationships and building networks.

      In order to support your children, here are some tips that will help you to act as your child’s emotional development coach and to nurture their emotional intelligence:

      -         Develop an awareness of your child’s emotions.

      -         Recognise emotionally charged moments as an opportunity for intimate discussion.

      -         Listen empathically to your children and validate their feelings.

      -         Help your child find words to label their feelings.

      If we understand that our child’s emotional intelligence is equally important as their academic development, we have the opportunity to raise well-rounded children who are equipped with the best tools to tackle the real world head-on.

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