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    Junior United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Results


    16 Sep, 2016

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    • Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) students are once again celebrating outstanding results in the UKMT global examinations. This year, six students received gold medals, signifying their placement in the top 6% of exam takers.

      This is not the first time that students from YCIS Beijing have received global recognition for their UKMT competition results. Damion Walker, Secondary Maths teacher and faculty head of the Math Competition Club, attributes the victory to the students’ strong problem-solving skills and outside-the-box-thinking; problems on the UKMT exams are not taken from standard curriculum but rather challenges students to use a higher degree of critical thinking.

      To prepare for this test, Mr Walker heads the Math Competition Club, which focuses on preparing passionate students for the UKMT and similar tests. The club delivers results; this year, half of the gold medal winners took part in the Math Competition Club.

      Below is the full list of winners from this year’s competition. A big congratulations to each of them on their phenomenal success!

      Gold Medals (Top 6% of the world)

      Year 9

      Gladys Chan (Best in Year)

      Cheryl Choi (Best in Year)

      Sungeun Lee (Best in Year)

      Yejin Kim

      Year 8

      Maggie Ding (Best in Year)

      Year 7

      Yunoh Lee 

      Silver Medals (Top 14% in the World)

      Year 8

      Samuel Lewis

      Steven Towsey

      Eugene Yuan

      The UKMT math competition takes place annually at a global scale, involving approximately 3,000 international schools from around the world with over 300,000 students sitting the exams. Students are separated according to Year level, creating three distinct levels of competition: Junior (Year 8 and below), Intermediate (Year 11 and below), and Senior (Year 13 and below).