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    YCIS Student Support Services: Coming Together to Help Student Learning


    09 Mar, 2017

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    • The Yew Chung International School of Beijing proudly announces the establishment of a brand-new department which combines all of the school’s tutoring, counseling, and guidance-related needs: the Student Support Services Department.

      Led by longtime YCIS Beijing School Counselor Ron Drisner, this new department is a combination of three previously-independent divisions within the school: the Learning Support division, the Student Counseling division, and the University Guidance division. Combined as Student Support Services, these three divisions now have the ability to work in tandem to combat a wider variety of issues in a more streamlined and efficient fashion.

      We spoke with Mr. Drisner about the importance of this department’s establishment and what it means for students at YCIS Beijing.

      What was the reason behind the creation of the Student Support Services department?

      The main factor was improving coordination between divisions. Working in isolation doesn’t always allow for effective or efficient service provision. By grouping together and allowing for a coordinated effort, we can more efficiently and effectively offer serve the broader YCIS Beijing community. The recognition of it being a department equal to the other ones, plus having a designated head, allows us to advocate for resources and roles more effectively. Having a head who is part of the decision-making process at a certain level is also important for offering the best services possible.

      What specific services does the department offer?

      There are a wide variety of services available across every section of the department! In Student Counseling, we offer social, emotional, and behavioral counsel, parent support through workshops and courses, individual counseling, and also some support for staff as well. In University Guidance, we advise and direct students towards researching and selecting best fit universities to match their academic strengths and social interests as well as ensuring that they have ample opportunities to develop their intercultural sensitivities and curiosity as they embark upon their paths in higher education. Finally, in Learning Support, we offer inside- and outside-the-classroom academic counseling and assistance, social skills groups, and support for high ability students to stretch their talents and critical thinking skills.

      How does Student Support Services more directly benefit students and families at YCIS Beijing?

      We developed a vision statement: to support and care for the YCIS Beijing school community. We’re here to support everyone in the community in any way we can. Coming to Beijing is very isolating for everyone, whether it’s students, staff, or parents. Where we fit in is to try and help to coordinate the support people need to get on their feet and feel like they’ve become a part of the community. That’s our main goal and what we try to facilitate.

      Where can students and parents learn more about Student Support Services? How can they reach out to your department members?

      Visit our Student Support Services homepage to learn more about us! Students and parents can contact each of us individually via email, but we also have a dedicated email ( that we all can see and respond to depending on the specific scenario.