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    True to Habit: Another Year of Outstanding IBDP Results


    04 Aug, 2017

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    • With the recent release of IB Diploma Programme examination scores, it’s no surprise that Yew Chung International School of Beijing students have once again achieved incredible results.

      Consistent with years past, our students’ average scores have well exceeded the worldwide average (this year by more than 6 points!), while an incredible 36% of our students scored 40 points or above.

      Criteria = World Results // YCIS Beijing Results

      • Average Score = 30.0 // 36.17
      • 40 Points or Above = 4% // 36%
      • Pass Rate = 79.3% // 96%
      • Highest Score = 45 // 43
      • Bilingual Diplomas Awarded = 23% // 36%

      Last May, we highlighted the strength of our Class of 2017’s university results, with students receiving letters of acceptance from some of the world’s top universities – including University College London (UCL) and The University of Michigan.  Now, seeing their scores on the IB exam, our graduates can be confident that they’re fully prepared for the challenges and rigors of university life.

      As student achievement is truly a collaborative effort, we congratulation our students, parents, teachers and administrators on this outstanding success!