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    YCIS Beijing Students Place Top in the World in Math


    24 Feb, 2017

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    • YCIS Beijing students performed admirably in this year’s most recent worldwide Intermediate UKMT math competition! From a pool of over 300,000 participants, seven of our students placed in the top 8,000 in the world.

      Most impressively, Year 10 student Hyunju Ju placed in the top 500 in the world. In recognition of her efforts, she will be participating in a worldwide Mathematics Olympiad, getting a chance to compete against other top finishers from around the world. The Top 100 finishers of this next round of competition will be invited to a summer school where they will train to represent the UKMT in further international competition.

      Secondary School Math Teacher and Math Club Leader and Coach Damion Walker praised both the students and the extra opportunities they have at YCIS Beijing to pursue their mathematics studies: 

      The Math Club and math competitions are really important opportunities for students passionate about math to see others who share that passion. Competitions like the UKMT show them that enjoying math is a worldwide phenomenon. The competitive format also gives them some type of added motivation as well and a recognition for their skills that they might not normally receive. 

      Math is essential to student development thanks as much to the soft skills it develops as the knowledge it teaches. Math improves student reasoning, critical thinking, and decision making, all skills which translate to other areas of academia and beyond. Students with strong math skills are also more able to consider multiple perspectives, a skill that has implications for globalization and international mindedness. 

      Congratulations to Hyunju and our other top placers on their fantastic results. The second round takes place on March 16. We wish them the best of luck!