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    Our Future Leaders Tackle Worldwide Issues at BEIMUN


    10 Mar, 2017

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    • A selection of YCIS Beijing’s future leaders had the special opportunity to attend the 24th Annual Beijing Model United Nations Conference (BEIMUN) on March 2. 15 of our students tackled real current issues through an active simulation of the United Nations, including group research, proposal submission, and active debate in front of over 700 of their peers from international schools around the world, including the US, Mexico, South Africa, Qatar, China, and many more.

      This year, most of the students from YCIS represented the country of Mauritania on a variety of committees, the General Assembly, the Environment Commission, the Economic and Social Committee, the Human Rights Committee, and the Disarmament Committee. Two students worked as a team on the Historical Security Council discussing the fallout of the Bosnian War in 1992, representing the country Cape Verde. Another student represented Qatar.

      The students all researched and created draft resolutions that they took to the conference. After getting their resolutions approved by the chairs of the committee, students engaged in a debate on the resolutions run by the chairs. The debates were given using formal, third-person language, just as they are given in the actual United Nations.

      In preparation for the event, students attended weekly Model UN meetings after school. The club focuses on honing all the skills that students need to be successful at events like these, including collaborative research, persuasive writing, public speaking, and debate. While YCIS Beijing curriculum integrates these skills into a classroom environment, being able to utilize these skills on a grander stage in front of peers from across Beijing was an invaluable experience for our students. Congratulations to all our participants!

      The MUN club is open to all current Secondary School students at YCIS Beijing. If your child is in Secondary School and has an interest in global issues or debate, be sure to encourage them to join our next MUN club meeting!

      Learn more about YCIS Beijing’s Secondary School programme by visiting our Secondary School homepage.