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    End of Year Concerts Dazzle YCIS Beijing Audiences


    16 Jun, 2017

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    • This week, the YCIS Beijing community was serenaded with a trio of wonderful music concerts, ranging from our smallest Primary School students in Year 1 to our accomplished Year 12 students finishing their first year of IBDP. Featuring an eclectic mix of instruments and performances, from traditional orchestras and jazz bands, to the student-led CHROMA rock band, to dance medleys, to Chinese drumming, this year’s concerts were a fitting end-of-year celebration of our students’ dedication to music and the performing arts.

      Daniel Pearton, Head of Performing Arts, spoke on behalf of the entire department to congratulate all the musicians and dancers on the product of their hard work:

      "This year’s concerts were once again a great success, showcasing the work that takes place in our performing arts classrooms. Each semester our PA department offers multiple performance opportunities for the students at YCIS Beijing, including these end of year concerts, which allowed students from Year 1 to Year 12 the opportunity to gain experience performing in front of an audience.

      "Through performing arts, students learn dance, dramatic movement pieces, singing, and playing of instruments which enhances their creative expression. As a department, we build connections with other learning areas and allow students to understand how the arts represent the world in which they live. The benefits they receive, from improved confidence to public speaking skills to creativity, are part of the core soft skills we seek to instill in every student here at YCIS Beijing.

      "A special thank you to Annette Atkins, Lianne Yu, Anne Dwyer, Cindy Guo and Aili Ai, who all played an important roles in bringing the concerts to life. Thanks also to our Chinese drumming Artist in Residence, Wang Laoshi, who taught our Year 3 students for 8 weeks leading up to the concerts!"

      Congratulations to all of our students on their moving performances!

      You can find a medley of some of the highlights of these performances by visiting our YouTube channel!

      Learn more about the arts and music at YCIS Beijing by visiting the department page.