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    How to Get Your Child Ready for Primary School


    02 Jun, 2017

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    • One of the greatest transitions for a child is the move from preschool and kindergarten to full-fledged Primary School. For the first time, students are presented with more concrete expectations both academic and social, from completing daily diaries to reading specific books to being able to put on and take off their own jackets without a teacher’s help.

      While international schools like YCIS Beijing take every initiative to ensure a smooth switch to Primary School for young learners, responsible parents often wonder what they can do to help supplement the school’s efforts. Below, we’ve included a few activities and routines to implement at home that will have your child ready to dive into Year 1 come August!

      • Nurture independence skills by having your child dress themselves, pack and unpack their bag, and put their things away without an adult’s help (you may need to emphasize this to your ayi as well!)
      • Arrange more playtime with friends to help your child continue developing their social skills.
      • Improve their concentration by playing games together, encouraging him or her to persist when they encounter a tricky problem to solve.
      • Teach your child good sportsmanship. Children at this age need to learn that they won’t always win, but that being a good sport is an important part of any competition.
      • Don’t make your child’s life too busy! Avoid sending your young child to extra preparation schools or formal classes. They need time to play!
      • Read to your child – A LOT! We’ve written on this subject many timesin the past, but we can’t emphasise enough how important it is for parents to read to their children. When you do read with them, keep the following in mind:
        • Read in as many languages as you can. Feel free to enlist the ayi as well!
        • Make sure both Mom and Dad are doing the reading.
        • Talk about the story after you’ve finished it, and even ask your child what they think might happen before you turn the page mid-story. This will get your child thinking critically and creatively, adding yet another benefit to this activity.
      • Go on adventures! Make sure your kids are active and engaged outside the house.
      • Finally (and most importantly), enjoy this precious time together. The time will pass by faster than you can believe!

      Interested in learning more about the YCIS Beijing ECE and Primary experience? Visit our ECE and Primary School homepages for more information, or click here to get in touch with an Admissions officer today!