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    Lights, Carols, Backpacks – the Spirit of Giving in the Festive Season


    21 Dec, 2020

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    • Every year in the second week of December, our school springs to life with Christmas decorations, presents from Primary students stacked under the festive Christmas tree, and the sound of carolling by the more musically inclined members of our Parent Organisation (PO). The main building fills with holiday cheer with a little help from the annual Christmas Wish Tree Project.

      Can’t Subdue that Holiday SpiritAlthough this year’s Wish Tree Project was more subdued (with fewer parents allowed on campus), its mission stayed on course despite the challenges thrown up by the pandemic. Many PO activities had to be cancelled, including the weekly Chinese calligraphy, oil painting, Chinese brushwork and flower arrangement sessions.

      “The epidemic has brought great changes to everyone's lives,” said Ms Jenny Chu, Chairperson, YCIS Beijing PO. Of course, this failed to dampen the spirit of giving.

      Backpacks and Winter WarmersFor the 2020 festive season, the PO collaborated with a well-known local charity, Roundabout, to collect school backpacks for children in Yushu, Qinghai, and winter clothes for students in primary boarding schools in Shangri-La, Yunnan. With donations from students the PO was able to collect a number of gifts that will be delivered by Roundabout in time for Christmas.

      On December 8, students arriving at Building G placed their gifts under the tree and sang “Jingle Bells” and other carols. They had a surprise gift waiting – sugary candy canes, presented by Santas (dads in disguise). There was surprise and delight on all faces. The last to troupe through were our youngest learners from ECE.

      “We are all very fortunate for the lives we live and the pleasures we can enjoy,” remarked Ms Chu in a letter sent to parents. It was important, then, that they share the joy with others less fortunate. This is the lesson parents try to impart to kids through words and deeds.

      During the celebratory tour, children gained a better understanding of “charity”, a subject central to the YCIS mission.

      Christmas in Four CoursesThe cherry on the top was a four-course Christmas lunch at Hulu in Sanlitun. With parents in attendance, the afternoon echoed with conversation and laughter over choice nibbles.

      Despite the challenges of 2020, we are delighted to see the PO doing such tireless work to bring our community together in this festive season of love and sharing.