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    Foosball for Charity – The Ball is in your Court


    27 Oct, 2020

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    • When the pandemic started over six months ago, none envisioned the havoc it would cause – from the closure of our favourite eateries to limiting outdoor activities. Most significant was the move from face-to-face learning to online classes for students across the globe.

      With online learning came numerous challenges. One that impacted Vera Parco, a Year 12 student who recently joined YCIS Beijing, was the lack of internet access for students in her home city of Manila. This was serious cause for concern. Says Vera, “Around three million students across the country didn’t enrol for school because they didn’t have the means to go online.”  But every child deserves access education.

      Involving the School Community

      This prompted her to approach her classmate Douglas Kang, an avid foosball player, to join her in organising ‘Foosball for the Philippines’. The goal of this tournament is to raise funds for students at Kapitan May Elementary School in Marikina to have internet made available during the online learning period.

      YCIS Beijing’s Year 10-13 students and faculty were encouraged to sign up for a small fee with the opportunity for the top team to win RMB100. Students and teachers signed up with even students in lower grades showing a keen interest in the drive.

      During lunch breaks, Secondary students are usually engrossed at the foosball table, so the pair knew this would be a great idea. “It’s really good because you can raise money for charity and it’s fun for all”  says Kang.

      Why Character Counts for CAS Scores

      The initiative, which is also going to count as part of the CAS score at the end of the school year for Vera and Douglas, was a great way for our secondary community to unite in making a positive impact ‘as compassionate leaders’.

      To the pair’s pleasant surprise, even teachers who were not in their grades made contributions.

      Oscar Goncalves, Secondary Science teacher and Head of Science is one of those who took part in the tournament. He believes such initiatives promote teamwork and “provide students with the opportunity to become active members of our society.”  They are also a great way for teachers to lead by example.

      This is the first time Douglas is organising an activity for a cause, and he intends to continue on this path due to the reception the foosball tournament received. Having now been at YCIS Beijing for eight years, he clearly understands the importance of giving.

      Vera on the other hand has been active in her community back in the Philippines and will continue to make an impact here in Beijing. Their future plans include improving the drive and adding more year levels to the Foosball Tournament.

      Both students recognise they are privileged and would like to use that to help the less fortunate.

      To find out more about the CAS, click here.