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    Welcome the Cortes Ninio Family to our Community


    07 Sep, 2020

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    • After a cancelled move in March, an agonising wait for new dates and then a 14-day hotel quarantine, the Cortes family (Marcia, Alberto and their five-year-old son Tom) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have spent two months finally settling into Beijing.

      Having lived in Washington DC for five years, with stints in Brasilia and Rio, Alberto was invited to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) last year. No strangers to the expat life, the family has embarked on yet another adventure with a very positive outlook on life. 

      Perceptions of Beijing so far

      Marcia’s response is immediately upbeat: “We have been very lucky because we have been meeting very nice people who have also been very generous.”  Referring to the numerous times residents have offered to help them find their way around the city or to explain their location to the Didi driver, she enthusiastically adds, “Beijingers are very friendly. We feel very welcomed here and we are very excited about this experience. ”

      Why choose YCIS Beijing?

      With Tom headed for Year 1 the search was on for a school that aligned with the Cortes family’s personal values such as care for the environment, an active lifestyle, and a close-knit community. A few friends suggested YCIS Beijing as a possible fit for their little one.

      After a visit to the campus on one of his work trips last year, Alberto called his wife to tell her he had found the right school. Marcia recalls, “He was so sure that this was the environment that would make our son happy and safe that he convinced me.” Although she was not there at the start, a call with a member of the School Leadership Team cemented their decision.

      Despite the challenges, Marcia believes every circumstance offers an opportunity for us all to learn.

      “When you are open, anything good can happen to you,” she says. “You learn to respect and appreciate the differences we have even more. Remember, everyone is trying to reach the same destination but in different ways. Everyone wants to be healthy, to be happy, to have friends.”

      Message to The Community

      Now that the Cortes family has visited the campus during Orientation Week and met some of our staff and other new families, they are eager to immerse themselves in their new lives and establish deeper connections with our school community. “My family and I are looking forward to meeting you all and to build meaningful relationships because you are going to be a part of our family life here,”  Marcia says. “We hope we can develop friendships for life.”

      Marcia has just started her Chinese language learning classes. Originally from Brasilia, another large and exciting capital city, she is keen to explore more of what Beijing has to offer.