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    Coping Skills on Wellness Day


    15 May, 2020

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    • Following the success of the inaugural Wellness Wednesday in March, the YCIS Beijing Secondary team hosted yet another Wellness Day for Lower Secondary students one earlier this month after taking into consideration many of the students' recommendations regarding activities. Planned activities were focused on helping students cope with pressures that come with academic work especially during the time of eLearning, reinforcing our school's commitment to a holistic approach to teaching and learning, which stresses students' overall welfare.

      According to Susan Botcharova "Wellness Thursday was focused on developing Coping Skills, a topic explored in our Life Skills classes"  she said.  "Finding one's coping strategy is empowering and helps us understand that we can handle and deal with many of the stresses we each face, something we all need in this unique and challenging time." .

      The purpose of Wellness Days is not only to introduce students to new skills that will help them at a later stage in their lives but according to Rachel George, YCIS Beijing's Beijing's Counselor "During this time, it is important to build on our sense of community and create opportunities for us to strengthen our relationships with each other." also.

      Coping Skills; ActivitiesOne of the recommendations by the students from the previous Wellness Day was to limit time spent on digital devices and more on the activities, the organizing team commented. "We needed to prepare students for the day in advance." said Ms Botcharova  "The talent show and Coping Toolbox activities were explained during Life Skills classes and the Scavenger hunts were discussed in the Lower Secondary assembly on Wednesday, the day before the event."

      Each activity had a purpose, "not only do these skills help with academic performance by teaching them how to push through feelings of frustration or disappointment, but also empowers them to be less reactive."  explained Miss George.

      A mentioned above, three main activities were scheduled on the day for students to participate in;

      Coping Toolbox: The objective of this activity was for students to search for items around their homes that would help them when faced with adverse emotions. "Students were encouraged to find things around the house that appealed to their senses: something they could see, such as photographs that may remind them of a happy time, person, or place". said, Miss George.The Mandala Scavenger Hunt: "The scavenger hunts were intended to get students in physical contact with the natural world." Explained Miss Botcharova. Students had to pick at least six items to create their mandala.The Talent Show: During this activity, students were offered an opportunity to showcase their talents, hobbies and creativity to their classmates and teachers. Activities ranged from photo editing, colouring, cooking and even original song compositions.

      Once completed, students were at liberty to add bonus activities to their list.

      Overall, the event was a success. According to. Chang An-An in Year 7 "I enjoyed making the toolbox, it was a fun time putting all of my favourite items in my toolbox! I also enjoyed the mandala scavenger hunt, it was entertaining finding the utensils I could put in my mandala."Miss Botcharova shared similar views  "The range of activities was wide: from personal introspection in the creation of their Coping Toolboxes to physical exploration of the world and finally to the joy of doing and sharing a passion or talent. Students embraced the flexibility and freedom of the day to have some fun and to get away from their screens and devices."

      For Gillian Wong, Secondary English teacher "It was encouraging to listen and see the feedback that has been provided by some of the students."   Which is why one more Wellness Day is planned before the end of the school year.