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    End of the Year Celebrations


    08 Jul, 2019

    10 : 00

    • This week, we looked back at one of the most memorable events of the past school year, our Primary End of the Year Concerts, which saw our students showcase their musical skills on the YCIS Beijing’s stage and perform songs from some of the most popular Disney movies.

      After numerous weeks of rehearsals, student got really excited to show everyone the music they had prepared! Parents, teachers and fellow schoolmates all enjoyed the wonderful Year 1 performances from “Finding Nemo”. Year 2 students amused the audience with their songs from “Moana” while Year 3 students chose soundtracks from the popular Aladdin. Year 4 and Year 5 students displayed their talents with their covers of music from Pocahontas and Mulan respectively.

      Once again, the concerts were a true display of our students’ talents and hard work.

      To have a look at the photos from the spectacular performances and colourful costumes, click on this link.

      Going back in Chinese History

      Cultural awareness is a crucial part of learning at Yew Chung International School Beijing, and our teachers enforce this through numerous ways which include the arts.

      Have you ever wondered how events in the past effected how people in those times lived? Well, Year 5 learners on our campus were tasked with the responsibility of ascertaining events, traditions and leaders during one of the major Chinese Dynasties. Collaboratively, students chose a dynasty, co-wrote and performed the plays detailing an aspect of their choice in front of their parents, Year 3 and Year 4 students.

      To see how these important dates in time were portrayed, follow this link for the images.

      A star treatment for our performers

      The Year 5 Tony Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, 20 June in the Yew Chung International School Beijing auditorium to celebrate and reward the stellar performances and storytelling skills by students who took part in the Year 5 Chinese Dynasty plays, which epitomized the value our school places on multiculturalism, cultural awareness and the development unique skills each student possesses.

      Learners were given the dazzling red carpet treatment fit for the stars with photographs, food, entertainment and gift bags. The coveted prize for the evening was of course the awards in categories such as “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Collaborative Direction”.Top performers got the opportunity to go on stage and give acceptance speeches in true Hollywood style!

      To view photos from the night, follow this link or scan the QR.