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    Volleyball and Swimming Wins for YCIS Beijing


    02 Nov, 2018

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    • Our Swimmers Bring Home Medals from Tokyo

      On 13th and 14th October, 600 athletes from 5 countries met in Tokyo, Japan, for the 2018 Buccaneer Invitational Swim Meet.

      Among them were 26 swimmers from the Firepower International Swimming Club, including Kyle Liu, Ryan Peng, Kam Cheuk, Summer Wu and Ziyue Wu from Yew Chung International School of Beijing.

      Our YCIS Beijing swimmers performed brilliantly over the two-day competition, with every single one beating personal best times.

      In the U8 category, Ryan Peng won three group gold medals and one bronze in the 100m freestyle relay. Summer Wu won a group gold medal and a bronze in the 100m medley relay.

      Firepower coach, Han Jia, commented:

      “In addition to the fantastic results, it is the growth of the YCIS Beijing swimmers that we should be celebrating. We were very pleased to see how our children learned to help each other over the course of the competition. When someone was standing on the starting block, the other children looked ahead too. When a teammate lagged in the water, the children cheered them on. But what touched us most of all, when the tournament was over, was the strong and simple friendship between the children.”

      Strong Play in Yizhuang for our Volleyball Team

      The volleyball season finished last weekend with an ACAMIS volleyball tournament hosted by our sister school in the south of Beijing, YWIES Yizhuang.

      Six international schools took part in the three day tournament, traveling from as far as Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

      It was the first time the YWIES Yizhuang campus had opened its doors to an international competition, and teams were able to make the most of their brand new facilities.

      The YCIS Beijing boys team won three games, finishing just shy of medal position in 4th place. With two key players unable to make the tournament and substitutions stepping in, this is a result the team can feel proud of.

      The girls volleyball team was made up of all new players this year. During the season, they have taken lots of new tactics on board and were delighted to win their first game of the season on Thursday.

      “It’s been great to see the improvement our teams have made throughout the season, finishing with a tough tournament where they had to keep focus, change their tactics and perform under pressure,” commented Mr Warner.

      The younger, U14 volleyball season begins next week, and our experienced older teams will be helping out with training. As always, it’s great to see how sports bring students together.

      Warmest congratulations to our swimmers and volleyball players. We look forward to reporting on more great results over the year!