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    A Hands-on Cooking Class at YCIS Beijing


    13 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • In March, YCIS Beijing invited chef Darren Tinkler from Chartwells to lead an interactive cooking class with years 3 – 5. The purpose of the event was to educate our students about nutrition, help them understand the key principles of food hygiene and safety in the kitchen, and ignite an enthusiasm for cooking, showing how fun and rewarding it can be to prepare home-made food from scratch.

      The day began with an informative and interactive lesson on nutrition – covering the key principles of a balanced diet and the food groups, and including an in-depth discussion on sources of protein for vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians. It was great to see some YCIS Beijing students get up on stage and discuss their diets with classmates!

      After a discussion on food hygiene and how to cook safely, our budding YCIS Beijing students were divided into two teams of five (made up of year 3, 4 and 5 students) and invited up on stage. There, they joined their workstations and a table of mystery ingredients was unveiled.

      The Green Team had chicken, tomatoes, basil and pasta and the Red Team had salmon, spices, potatoes and rice. Using a map of the world, students discussed the origins of the food on their tables and what kind of flavours might go together. Several students volunteered stories of the unusual and different foods they have tried during holidays and travel – we have lots of adventurous eaters at YCIS Beijing!

      The teams were given just 15 minutes to devise and cook a healthy balanced meal from the ingredients on their table. While they were cooking, our beady-eyed panel of judges (YCIS Beijing students in the audience) were able to come onstage and watch the preparation close-up.

      The teams worked brilliantly well together, keeping their cool under the ticking clock and allocating responsibilities. When time was up, the young chefs plated-up and brought their dishes around the audience of judges.

      Congratulations are in order for the Red Team whose tandoori salmon with spiced potatoes won the judges’ vote for both presentation and flavour!

      “It was a fantastic, fun day” said Mr Poole, “and one that we will definitely arrange again next year. I hope to invite parents along too next time – I think it’s just as much fun for the adults!”