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    Academic Opportunities with Student Scholarships


    2016 年 02 月 29 日

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    • In this edition of student blogs, Year 11 student Annika Peterson discusses her full Overall Achievement scholarship and how it has contributed to her studies and future dreams.

      Please describe the application process.The application process consisted of filling in a form that included many questions about my previous education and experiences as well as questions pertaining to my own personal values and objectives as a student. I then had an interview with Ms Moore (Lower Secondary School Co-ordinator) and Dr Duggan (Head of Secondary) via Skype. I would say that the hardest part of the application was drafting and rewriting my answers to try and reflect myself as the dedicated student I am, but also adding a sense of my own personality and attitude.

      How did you demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate for the scholarship?I discussed my academic achievements to show that I was a valuable student, but more importantly I discussed the charity and service that I had participated in. YCIS Beijing is looking for well-rounded and hardworking students that will contribute not only through their education, but through their sense of responsibility to serve their community. I made sure to explicitly demonstrate my positive attitude to learning and the significance of firm values in my life.

      Were you confident in your application?I was fairly confident in my application. I was still a little unsure and very nervous because I knew if my application wasn't accepted I couldn't attend YCIS Beijing.

      How has receiving this scholarship helped your studies?It has really pushed me to try my best and work my hardest in my studies. The fact that this school saw potential in me meant that I had to live up to those expectations. Aside from my studies, it has also pushed me to try a wider range of sports and get involved in music. I believe that if I had attended any other school I wouldn't have had these opportunities.

      Do you believe that this opportunity will help you achieve your future dreams?My future dreams are very broad, but I do believe that attending YCIS Beijing has helped me to prepare for the future in many ways. The education programme at this school is at a very high standard and the IGCSE programme I am in now is effectively preparing me for the demanding IB programme. In addition, the fact that school community has proved quite advantageous for me: it allowed me to make strong relationships with my teachers, try new sports, and be involved in a wide range of subjects. My personality has developed to be more open-minded and well-rounded, which prepares me for any future job, college, or relationships.

      Would you recommend other students apply for a scholarship?I would recommend other students apply for scholarships, whether they are internal or external. It doesn't hurt to apply for one and receiving one is great motivation to excel in your schooling. 

      What advice would you give to those also wishing to apply?I would say that you should try to showcase your best qualities but not be scared to admit you have areas to improve in. A scholarship gives you the opportunity to expand and develop these weak areas and gives you goals to work towards, which are vital in every aspect of your life.

      Applications for YCIS Beijing Scholarship Programme close on June 20, 2016. For more information, please follow the link.