Early Childhood Education

The Kindergarten Section of YCIS provides a nurturing environment for children of nursery and preschool age. Children are at the heart of the early childhood programme experiencing the joy of learning. It is the needs of children that determine the learning, and their interests that steer the learning experiences we offer. For us, it is most important that children see themselves as competent learners and know they are valued and understood.

Co-teaching effectively facilitates the bilingual learning environment where both Chinese and English languages are equally valued. Each class has an experienced early years team, comprising one English speaking and one Chinese teacher who plan together for the learning needs of individual children. They provide an enabling environment where children interact naturally, feel comfortable about their own identity, language and culture, and begin to move easily between cultures. Such an achievement contributes positively towards a child’s future success in school, and later, functioning well in a global world.

YCIS knows the deep responsibility it has to children and families. It values a partnership with parents and their involvement in their child’s learning journey.

YCIS Beijing’s ECE Centre was newly renovated for the 2015-16 academic year. Designed by a team of architects from the renowned architecture firm FNI, the new area features flexible learning spaces with removable walls that allow individual classrooms to connect with “The Common.” This transparency between classrooms creates a more responsive and engaging learning community. More subtle aspects of the overall area, including colour, texture, shape, and lighting, have been redesigned as well to provide an area which is even more conducive to stimulating student learning.

The video below introduces the ECE Learning Community model and its key concepts.

Finally, the entire area is equipped with the same air filtration system, advised by environmental solution consultant PureLiving China, present throughout the school, allowing students to enjoy active play even during smoggy Beijing days. Parents can even check on automatically updated air quality readings for all major facilities on campus via Qlear’s website.

With the creation of this brand new centre, YCIS Beijing is now equipped to provide exemplary learning opportunities to its youngest students for years to come. Come and take a look for yourself; you’ll want to stay and play!

Check out our virtual tour to see this dynamic learning space for yourself!


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