Schedule a Social Distancing Campus Tour


For those who were wondering how to view our campus amenities during the lockdown, our Admissions Department has prepared Social Distancing Campus Tours. These tours are real-life interactive, personalised tours available for Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary School prospective parents

These tours will be conducted in a similar fashion as normal in-person tours to maintain that personal connection with our prospective parents. Parents looking to do specific tours will be catered to as well. The Admissions Team will design the tours based on the age and interest of the students in order to provide the best experience to parents and students who join from different levels.

YCIS BJ Learning Community

There will be opportunities to ask questions at various areas visited during the tour. In relation to time, the tour experience is limited to 30 minutes per visit, which is followed by a further opportunity for in depth discussion directly with the Admissions Advisor.

To set up a tour of our campus with the Admissions Department, click here.

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