PARENT WORKSHOP: Parenting with Emotional Intelligence


All parents wish happiness and success in life for their children. As much of the groundwork for our children’s future is laid as they are growing up, our role as parents cannot be underestimated. This year, our School Counsellor and Head of Student Support, Rachel George, will be hosting a series of parenting workshops to help us understand what we can do as parents to help our children lead brighter lives.

Parenting with Emotional Intelligence

On Wednesday 14th November, 08:30-10:00, YCIS Beijing Hall H, Rachel will host a workshop on “Parenting with Emotional Intelligence”.

Emotional intelligence helps us to make better decisions, connect with others and improve personal and professional relationships. As a parent, we need to recognise and respond to our own emotions, and we need to coach our children to be emotionally intelligent.

What will the workshop involve?

The workshop will explore the concept of emotional intelligence and teach some simple and proven techniques for emotion management at home. Teaching will be reinforced by interactive scenarios and activities to take away.

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed for parents and/or grandparents to children of all ages. It is open to everyone – including those who do not have children at YCIS Beijing. 

This workshop will be held in English and Chinese.

This workshop is free of charge.

To register your interest, please visit our Yoopay page by scanning the QR Code, or click “here”.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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