Student Support

YCIS Beijing has a reputation for quality education and high academic standards and students should generally meet academic as well as other requirements to be eligible for admission. However, YCIS Beijing recognises that some students have specific learning differences that may require further differentiation of classroom programmes or support.


To that end, in addition to providing services for counselling, university guidance and pastoral care, our Student Support Services Department is also able to provide some support for literacy skills (in Chinese and English) and individual learning needs (support and enhancement). Students with specific learning needs who require counselling or learning support to succeed in the regular educational programme will be considered for admission on an individual basis but acceptance will be limited by capacity in the support programmes offered at YCIS Beijing.

Note, that, due to building limitations we are currently unable to support a student with severe physical disabilities.


Learning Support works with students who need support in academic, vocational, and general well-being. These students may also need support in the areas of cognitive learning, communication, and interaction with others. We are able to offer this as a whole-school initiative or in small groups, supporting the teacher in the classroom and in 1:1 support sessions.

Additional support can also be provided for high ability students to stretch their talents and develop critical thinking skills in key areas such as Maths, Literacy, and Science.

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