A Message from the Student Support Team

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Greetings from the YCIS Beijing Student Support Team; we trust that this message finds you managing well and keeping safe! 

As a team, we recognize that our community is doing exceptionally well under the circumstances, showing noteworthy flexibility and resilience. However, sometimes we know that it can also be helpful to access additional support and we would like our families to know that we are here if you need us.  Attached, please find our emails and please feel free to reach out to us to schedule face-to-face consultations. We can meet with you via the online conferencing platform, Zoom.

We are also writing to share some resources with you that may be of help at this time: 

YCIS BJ Mr Fanning

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Read-aloud Coronavirus Safety for Children Book 

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Helping Kids Handle Worry 

How to Help Children Manage Fears 

In our experience, we often discover that problems reveal hidden opportunities and lead people to grow new strengths.  As challenging as it is, we see this unusual event as a unique opportunity for families to spend more time together, strengthen bonds and develop healthy routines.  

Here are some links you can reference to help your family thrive in challenging times and beyond: 
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