Peers Presenting Children’s Rights

YCIS Beijing Primary Ss

After months of working hard on their Children's Rights PSAs (Public Service Announcements) inspired by the UNICEF “Going Blue” campaign, YCIS Beijing’s Lower Secondary students finally presented them to our Upper Primary counterparts today through interactive workshops with the aim to further raise awareness on Children’s Rights in our School community.

Students created many fun, educational, creative activities and games for our Primary students as a way to impart details about the various Children’s Rights, and wrapped up their presentations with some delicious snacks for all of them who listened attentively and were able to answer questions about the respective presentations.

YCIS Beijing G100 Games

Below are some of the children’s rights presented today:

• Right to protection (e.g., from abuse, exploitation and harmful substances)
• Right to provision (e.g., for education, health care and an adequate standard of living)
• Right to participation (e.g., listening to children’s views and respecting their evolving capacities)
• Right to specific protections and provisions for vulnerable populations such as Indigenous children and children with disabilities

YCIS Beijing Workshops in Primary

This project was in support of the United Nation Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) World Children’s Day and also coincided with our school’s newly introduced Life Skills Programme, which seeks to assist students develop in all aspect of their lives including academically, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, mentally and develop intercultural awareness.

Some of the students who presented their work include Year 7 learner, Yu Juhyun who chose the “Right to Participation” (e.g., listening to children’s views and respecting their evolving capacities). She says “This right is very important because nowadays students are struggling with their relationships with their parents.

YCIS BJ G100 Activities

This was the project’s final stage, however, with more of our students being knowledgeable about their rights, we trust they will pay it forward and continue to share what they have learned.

To watch the video of how the community at large contributed to the "Going Blue" campaign, click here.


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