Bon Voyage Class of 2019


On Thursday 6 June, Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) bid our seniors "bon voyage" during our Year 13 Graduation. It was a wonderful day, filled with pride, joy, and a few tears as teachers, alumni, parents, friends and students all came together to celebrate the achievements of the graduating Class of 2019.

Graduation day at YCIS Beijing this year was quite eventful, with a graduation ceremony, followed by a graduate luncheon, and then capped off by a senior prom in the evening. The day began with the graduation ceremony, which took place in the school auditorium. Year 12 students Sydney Lee and Marco Tong, acting as masters of ceremony, greeted the graduates as they flowed into the room, before introducing Vice-Principal Mrs Farah Sun, to give the welcome address. Mrs Sun was followed by our University Guidance Counsellor, Mr Jonathan Mellen, who shared with the assembled audience the university destinations of the graduating class. (To see the list, scroll down to the end of this article, or click here).

Our assembled guests then witnessed the conferring of diplomas and various awards (for the list of awards, scroll down to the end of this article), interspersed with captivating performances from Year 13 graduates. Chloe Sandifer-Stech provided a cello solo, Robert Hartigan and Kaneda Illes performed a dramatic skit, Seungjun Lee and June Hyup Lee gave a vocal duet, and Kaneda Illes returned to deliver a vocal solo. Vani Gupta and Lydia Qu teamed up for this year’s alumni speech, followed by a message from our Co-Principals, Dr Timothy Gray and Dr Rae Wang, with Dr Wang treating the audience to uplifting words in Chinese. Among her many enlightening words of encouragement a particular pearl (translated into English) was:

“Pursue your success by following your identity and value judgment; be a responsible servant leader to this society and era.”

The ceremony was crowned by an address from YCIS Beijing 2019 Valedictorian, Deborah Qu, who shared motivational words on the value (and costs) of determination, with the attendees.


“Tons of selfless parents up there can be the first to tell you that work is not always easy. In life, to achieve something remarkable like we all have today, we have to experience struggle.

Everyone wants a fulfilling, stable life in whatever form it may take: good grades, qualified credentials, being financially stable enough to take care of a ton of puppies. But the key that separates you –yes you — from everyone else is that everyone else loves success, but only you are willing to undertake the hard work that actually brings you there.”

“So, you and you and you, go into the world and embrace new struggle.”

The morning’s ceremony was closed by our Primary violin students playing out the graduation procession, and then it was off to the graduate luncheon. Warm words of encouragement, sage advice for the future and lots of laughter were shared, as everyone convened at the Hilton for lunch. And later that evening, the graduates bid goodbye to their parents as they enjoyed their prom at the hotel. It was an amazing day, filled with excitement and anticipation as our graduates prepared to dive into the next phase of their lives, adulthood.



University Destinations

United Kingdom
University College London
University of York
University of Durham
University of Manchester
University of Bristol
Plymouth College of Art
University of Warwick
University of Southampton
London College of Communication


United States of America
Fordham University
UC Davis
Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg
George Mason
Furman University
Guilford College
Elon University
Christopher Newport University
Savannah College of Art and Design
Ringling College of Art and Design
University North Carolina School of Arts
Berkeley School of Music
Columbia College Chicago.
California Institute of Art
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
School of Visual Arts
California College of the Arts
University of California – Berkeley
Pratt Institute

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong University

University of Toronto
University of British Columbia

University of Queensland
University of Sydney

Tsing Hua University


Full List of Awards

Highest Achievement Award in English Language & Literature
Deborah Qu


Highest Achievement Award in English Language
Shiqian Lin

Highest Achievement Award in Mathematics Higher Level
Seungjun Lee

Highest Achievement Award in Mathematics Standard Level
Deborah Qu

Highest Achievement Award in Mathematical Studies
Yidi Lin

Highest Achievement Award in Physics
June Hyup Lee


Highest Achievement Award in Chemistry
Uijin KIM

Highest Achievement Award in Biology
Deborah Qu

Highest Achievement Award in Economics
Kaisa Zheng

Highest Achievement Award in Business Management
Teresa Yu Tung LI

Highest Achievement Award in Psychology
Deborah Qu


Highest Achievement Award in History
Chloe Grace Sandifer-Stech

Highest Achievement Award in Visual Arts
Jiwon Baek

Highest Achievement Award in Music
Chloe Grace Sandifer-Stech

Highest Achievement Award in Korean Literature
Uijin Kim

Highest Achievement Award in Chinese Literature
Shiqian Lin


Highest Achievement Award in Chinese Language
Kaisa Zheng

Highest Achievement Award in Theory of Knowledge in English
Deborah QU

Highest Achievement Award in Theory of Knowledge in Chinese
Teresa Yu Tung LI

Highest Academic Achievement Award
Deborah QU

Madam Tsang Chor Hang Award
Chloe Grace Sandifer-Stech


Sportswoman Award
Chloe Grace Sandifer-Stech

Sportsman Award
Kaisa Zheng

Honour Roll
Teresa Yu Tung Li

Honour Roll
Shiqian Lin

Honour Roll
Deborah Qu

Honour Roll
Chloe Grace Sandifer-Stech

Honour Roll
Kaisa Zheng

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