In-School Individual Instrumental Programme (IIIP)

What Is IIIP

The In-School Individual Instrumental Programme (IIIP), a unique programme designed for Yew Chung students to learn musical instruments during school hours in a cost-effective way, offers the following advantages.


How It Works

IIIP works on a unique system that is done through special arrangement with subject teachers. To minimise the effect of missing lessons of any particular subject, lessons are scheduled on a rotation basis. For example, if a lesson is scheduled on Friday Period 1 on Week 1, Week 2 lesson will be scheduled on Friday Period 2, etc. Senior students will use their free periods whenever possible. Subject teachers will inform the IIIP Co-ordinator in advance of any classes that are academically inexcusable to miss. In cases like these, lessons will then be rescheduled.

No IIIP lessons will be scheduled during test weeks, examination periods, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter Holidays. However, lessons may be arranged with the individual teachers (subject to their scheduled availability) during the summer.


What Are the Advantages of IIIP

01. Music Intelligence
Studies have indicated that musical training physically develops the left side of the brain and can enhance one’s spatial-temporal reasoning skills, leading to better maths performance, memory span and mental development. It also helps develop self-confidence and imaginative thinking.

02. High Quality Tuition
IIIP is designed to provide superior tuition to YCIS students. This includes careful selection of instructors, personalised records of students’ progress and integrated advice from in-school music teachers.

03. Wide Range of Instruments
Western and Chinese instruments offered include piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, drums, horn, trumpet, trombone, voice, guzheng, erhu, dizi, yangqin, and pipa. This is a great chance to explore a second instrument.


04. Well Organised Evaluation System
After each lesson, IIIP students will be given a personalised student handbook with written comments and assignments by their instructors. A report card will be issued and a recital will be held every school year.

05. New Choices with Off-Peak Rate
IIIP provides high-quality tuition within school hours at an “off-peak” rate. Students take lessons at a relatively lower cost, and the difficulty in scheduling classes is eased.

06. Convenience
Lessons begin and finish within school hours to ensure students catch the school bus on time. Parents and students enjoy a more efficient use of after-school hours for other activities.

Limited space is available during lunch time and after school hours; fees for these specially arranged lessons are higher than IIIP lessons during school hours;


Past Student Successes

Music plays a major role in school life at Yew Chung International Schools. Starting in 2001, YCIS introduced this unique programme to further benefit students and explore their musical talents.

IIIP students have enjoyed past successes in both the ABRSM Examinations and the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, where they have achieved merits and distinction awards. Each year, IIIP students also have the chance to perform in the IIIP annual recital to share and showcase their learning on stage. This event has continuously received positive feedback from both students and parents.

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For further information, please contact the IIIP Co-ordinator.

Email: / Room H102 at: (010) 8585 1838

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