Co-Curriculum Programmes

YCIS teacher with several students during art class

Co-Curriculum Programmes in Primary

After-School Activities (ASA) – At Yew Chung International School of Beijing, we have three rounds of ASAs per year, with each lasting eight weeks. These co-curricular activities are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and students can choose one or both days, depending on their interests. Some activities are free while others may have a fee attached to them. ASAs are run by both teachers and outside vendors. The activities include Homework Club, Lego Club, Minecraft, Kung Fu, Tennis, Hip-hop Dancing, Basketball, Science Activities, Magic Shows, Baking, Calligraphy and many more.

Field Trips – All year levels go on two or three field trips per year, in and around Beijing. The trips will be tied to what the students are covering or working on in class. Trip destinations include Green Cow Organic Farm, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Puppet Theatre, Beijing Zoo, Capital Museum, Wali Park, Science Museum and Butterfly Farm.

YCIS soccer team on a soccer pitch

SportsPrimary students attend PE lessons each week, with some of the Upper Primary students participating in various inter-school competitions, including football, badminton, handball and swimming.

Group of YCIS students performing a musical

Music and Performing Arts Activities

Our annual Performing Arts Concerts are a collaborative experience allowing students from all years in Secondary to connect and experience the thrills of performance. Dance, drama and music disciplines take the centre stage but students also learn backstage craft and also the logistics of putting on a performance. Students learn to assume responsibility as they help younger ones meet the performance requirements.

One YCIS student with soccer balls

Sporting Options ISAC and ACAMIS

Our students compete in a range of sporting disciplines by taking part in events organised by the ISAC (International Schools Athletic Conference) and ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools). The events take students to major cities in China to compete in sports such as basketball, golf, volleyball, soccer, badminton and swimming. These experiences support our Physical Education programme which exposes students to the skills of each discipline.

YCIS students visit a school in China

Experiencing China

The Experiencing China Programme sends our students to various parts of China to gain first-hand experience of life beyond Beijing. Students visiting iconic sites relating to Chinese history and spending time with people living in a rural environment acquire new understanding and appreciation of the host country. Students learn much from one another as they travel to and from Beijing and learn together through lectures, practical workshops and challenging activities such as mountain biking and Shaolin Temple Kung Fu.

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