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The benefits of scholarships reach far beyond the short term. Scholarships motivate students to push themselves with regards to their educational goals. In addition, scholarships can help build confidence, reward achievements and effort and allow students to experience the scholarships process, which is a tremendous aid in terms of preparation for university applications.

External Scholarships

YCIS Beijing awards one full scholarship in the category of Overall Achievement and two partial Subject Discipline Specific Scholarships each academic year to new student applicants.

Eligible Applicants
New student applicants to Years 7–12 may apply for a scholarship, subject to acceptable satisfaction of entrance and interview requirements.

Overall Achievement Scholarship
The Overall Achievement Award is awarded to an outstanding student who demonstrates excellence in academic achievement, dedication and commitment. The Overall Achievement scholarship will cover full tuition fees (100%) for a period not to exceed four years, with eligibility reviewed annually.

Subject Discipline Specific Scholarship
The Subject Discipline Specific Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students who demonstrate an aptitude, willingness and eagerness in the areas of Music and Performing Arts, Language and Literature, and Sports. The Subject Discipline Specific Scholarships will cover partial tuition fees (50%) for a period not to exceed four years, with eligibility reviewed annually.

How to Apply?
New student applicants should contact Admissions directly via the “Admissions Enquiry” button below to obtain all necessary school and scholarship application forms.

Internal Scholarships

YCIS Beijing awards Music Scholarships and Overall Achievement Scholarships each year for Secondary students who show outstanding achievements in the areas of overall academic skills, character formation and music.

Who is eligible?
Current YCIS Beijing Student Scholarships are available for all Year 7-13 students who have a high level of dedication and academic commitment at YCIS Beijing. Students applying for the Music Scholarship should have passed Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (or similar Examination Board or repertoire) Grade 4 or above or equivalent.
Scholarship Awards: The monetary value of each scholarship will offset a portion of the annual tuition fees for a specified year level.

How to apply?
Current YCIS Beijing students should visit the YCIS Beijing School Office to obtain all necessary scholarship application forms. For more information, please contact the School Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (8610) 8585 1819.