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Upcoming Events

Open Day: Understanding the Bilingual Child


Join YCIS Beijing’s Open Day on December 7 to understand how you can support your children in their bilingual journey.  From the early stages of their life through graduation, the journey of a bilingual learner is both unique and challenging. Being able to fully communicate in a second language and thoroughly understand a second culture is a struggle that could take learners many years or even decades.


Discover more about how you can be a partner in your child’s journey by attending a special panel discussion at YCIS Beijing.  Made up of both expert educators and parents, the panel will share their experiences, tips and techniques for helping students on their bilingual journeys.


YCIS Beijing’s panel discussion will offer you the opportunity to learn more about:


• The Bilingual Learning Process 双语学习的过程

• Challenges and Benefits of Bilingual Learning 双语学习的挑战及好处

• Bilingualism Myths and Tips 双语学习的迷思及秘诀

• YCIS Beijing‘s Innovative Approach to Language Learning 耀中语言学习的创新模式

• YCIS Beijing’s Unique Co-Teaching Model 耀中独特的双教师协作教学抹灰

Following the panel discussion, parents will be able to tour the YCIS Beijing campus and observe our students in action, as well as see the exciting changes that are happening in our newly renovated Learning Communities. The morning will then conclude with an Admissions Q&A session. 

A History of Achievement


At YCIS Beijing, there is a well-established history of leading students on this long journey to bilingualism. Beginning with a unique co-teaching model in the ECE Learning Communities and continuing through Primary and Secondary sections, YCIS Beijing students have received Top in the World for Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese honours on Cambridge International Examinations, and, through the YCIS Beijing Chinese Programme, enter the world after graduation as fully equipped global citizens.


Date: December 7 


Time: 9.00 am – onwards 


RSVP for this special event by visiting our Yoopay page or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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