Student Support

The Student Support Team offers a comprehensive and integrated network of resources to support and care for Yew Chung International School of Beijing students, parents, and staff. Comprised of the Learning Support, Student Counselling, and University Guidance Counselling, Student Support Services features a full team of specialised staff members that is committed to creating a safe and familial learning environment and empowering students to experience success at YCIS Beijing.

YCIS students with a student support team member

Learning Support

Learning Support works with students who need support in academic, vocational, and general well-being. These students may also need support in the areas of cognitive learning, communication, and interaction with others. We are able to do this as a whole-school initiative or in small groups, individually and offering ongoing support for the teacher in the classroom.

School Counselling

The School Counselling specialises in providing emotional, social, and behavioural counsel to the students and families of YCIS Beijing. Counsellors are readily available to meet with students or parents individually or in small groups; an extensive list of medical professionals and resources are also regularly updated by counsellors should students require further external support. Additionally, counsellors regularly host a variety of parenting workshops and courses during the school year that feature practical advice for expat parents on how to help their children adapt to living abroad.

Student support team member

Character Education

Our specialist social and emotional support is augmented by personnel committed to effective character education which offers a number of voluntary programmes and oversight of a range of charitable endeavours to broaden our student’s understanding of global and local humanitarian issues, and to engage them in active citizenship.

University Guidance Counselling

The University Guidance Counsellor advises students on researching and selecting best-fit universities to match their academic strengths and social interests as well as ensuring that they have ample opportunities to develop their intercultural sensitivities and curiosity as they embark upon higher education. Students receive personalised career guidance in conveying their academic rigour in their college and university applications and imparting a sense of their character and interests.

Two students with a student support team member

This includes researching, retrieving, and delivering up-to-date information about universities so that students, with the support of their parents, can make fully informed choices about their post-school learning journey.

Visits by representatives from a wide range of universities and colleges from the US, the UK, Australia, Continental Europe, Canada, and elsewhere are arranged throughout the academic year, giving students and their parents an opportunity to meet and speak with overseas university representatives about admission to their respective universities as well as learn about university life and academic programmes.

Information sessions and career days are frequently organised on campus to better prepare our students for the planning of their future. Overseas university acceptance is impressive year-to-year, as our culturally diverse and diligent students continue to achieve their academic goals, attaining some of the top scores in China and the world.

YCIS student with a student support team member


Students who need Learning Support are admitted upon the same requirements as other students. They must be able to be successful in the mainstream classroom with minimal outside support services. At YCIS diversity is important and parents, who think their child might require the services of Student Support, can contact School Admissions as early as possible. Parents are encouraged to discuss with school staff during the application process to ensure a match between the student’s learning needs and levels of support available at YCIS.

Support for Students and Parents

Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers, the Student Support Team creates personalised, student-centred, and goal-oriented support plans to help students achieve success.

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