Expert in Residence Programme

We believe that it is important for children to be exposed not just to teachers with expertise in a variety of fields, but also to those practising that expertise in professional contexts beyond the school context.

It is easy for students to develop misconceptions about different occupations, or to limit their understanding to the theory rather than the practice which reflects the daily lives of practitioners across a range of fields.

Expert in Residence with her work material

Each year, YCIS Beijing allocates a significant component of our budget to help fund the involvement of visiting experts who work with and alongside children across the school. By inviting experts to work at our school, as well as talking about the work they do within the wider community, the students can observe at first hand, the nature of each expert’s daily occupation and ask questions. Our aim is to stimulate their curiosity and broaden their perspective.

Expert in Residence with some YCIS students

In 2016-2017, several full-time artists in fields as diverse as digital art, sculpture and illustration spent significant time working within the school. We also hosted a renowned scientist for a two-month period during which he carried out research and responded to the interest of children across all levels. We also hosted several writers who shared their creativity and their craft with the children. This is a flexible programme designed to respond to opportunities as they arise.

YCIS students in the art room

The Experts in Residence Programme sits along-side several other enrichment activities, such as Experiencing China, Seeds of Hope initiatives, Internships, our renowned Violin Programme, access to individual instrumental music tuition, the IB Diploma Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) component, and a wide range of field trips; all of which are expressions of our commitment to holistic education and to our philanthropic endeavours.

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