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  • I Want to Be a Startup Entrepreneur

    I Want to Be a Startup Entrepreneur

    As part of YCIS Beijing’s enterprise class, Secondary School students were invited to attend a talk with productivity expert and Saent co-founder Tim Metz. The session was an invaluable opportunity for students to learn tips on how to start their own businesses from a successful working professional.

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  • From Brush to Paper

    From Brush to Paper

    It is well documented that immersion in a culture’s traditions and practices is the best method of acquiring cultural and language learning. Year 2 students at YCIS Beijing were given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with one of China’s oldest and most respected art forms: Chinese brush painting.

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  • YCIS Beijing Primary Students

    YCIS Beijing Primary Students "Read to Feed" Chinese Farmers

    During this March Yew Chung International School of Beijing celebrated all things literature by holding a “Literacy Enrichment Week” for students. The most impressive highlights of the week was the Primary School’s “Read to Feed” charity fundraising, an event that encourages students to read saw our dedicated readers raise a whopping 23,912 RMB!

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  • Studying Chinese Tea at YCIS Beijing

    Studying Chinese Tea at YCIS Beijing

    China is known as the homeland of tea, where its discovery and usage has been documented for over four thousand years. Tea is a corner stone of Chinese culture and still plays a role in society today. Nowadays, westerners appreciate the health and psychological benefits that Chinese tea can bring. As it is not as widely consumed as drinks like coffee, mistakes are often made in regard to how to correctly enjoy this fantastic beverage. Alica Liu, Year 4 Co-teacher at YCIS Beijing, shares with us her tips for getting the best from your tea.

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  • Raising a Reader

    Raising a Reader

    It's impossible to dispute the benefits that reading gives to your children at a young age. One Google search yields thousands of results on the positive effects reading has on the development of a young child's brain. But how do you ensure that children stay interested in and enjoy their reading time?

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