Parental Involvement

YCIS Beijing is a community school and we encourage parents to get involved in school life.

We support parents through various initiatives which provide the opportunity to meet new friends, exchange experiences, develop parenting skills and assist families in settling into their new city and school environment. Our Parent Organisation (PO), Parent Community and Parent Relations Officer organise events, luncheons and outings, classes, seminars and workshops throughout the year.

Parent Organisation

The Parent Organisation (PO) of YCIS Beijing welcomes all new members who would like to get involved. The PO is made up of parents and representative teachers who work together for the well-being of our students and the school. The PO organises activities to enrich the spirit of the school and the parent community. Events such as parent luncheons and outings allow parents to get to know each other and expand their Beijing network. Large-scale events such as the Global Community Day increase the sense of unity amongst our families. Many other PO activities such as the Christmas Wish Tree project support local and international charities. The PO is a valuable and enjoyable way to get to know other parents, the community and your child’s school.

Parent Community

The Parent Community offers various activities to help our families make friends, understand Chinese culture and offer support: The YCIS Beijing Book Club meets monthly to discuss books that will increase the cultural awareness and understanding of parenting and living in Asia; Chinese painting classes are offered in school several times a week; Coffee mornings with guest speakers are a good chance to catch up with other parents and learn more from an expert speaker.

Parent Relations Officer

YCIS Beijing employs a full time Parent Relations Officer who co-ordinates events with the PO and Parent Community. The Parent Relations Officer is responsible for liaising with parents on all non-academic issues and understanding parents’ needs and concerns and relating them to the school management.


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