English Language Support Programme

An English Language Support programme is provided for all students to help them gain access to the curriculum of YCIS Beijing.

All Primary and Secondary students who are non-native English speakers go through an English language assessment during their application process to YCIS Beijing.

In the English Language Support programme, language skills from all areas of the curriculum are taught: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The programme is designed to complement the mainstream curriculum and gives students the necessary skills to function socially and academically in the school.

In the Primary programme, an English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme allows these students the opportunity to improve their English language proficiency, through small group classes and support in the mainstream classrooms. Specialist language teachers at each year level work in close partnership with classroom teachers to identify a student’s needs and to achieve attainable goals appropriate to the student’s current language ability. The length of support time is determined by the progress of the student's language development. This can vary from six months to three years.

For the Secondary programme, the English test during the application process will determine whether a student is placed in the mainstream or the support class in Key Stage 3 or whether in the first or second language class for Key Stage 4 and IB programme. The English Language Support programme provides these students with the opportunity to improve their English proficiency, so that they can perform well across the curriculum and achieve their best. The students’ progress is reviewed three times a year and depending on their level of achievement, a student will be given the chance to join the mainstream class.


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