Top in Academics

YCIS Beijing students are known for their excellence in academics, including stellar examination results and overall scholastic achievement. A rigorous academic programme, paired with a holistic approach to education, is one of the main reasons why YCIS Beijing graduates continue to be accepted into top-ranked universities around the world.

This trend of academic excellence achieved by YCIS Beijing students continued during the 2015/2016 school year.

YCIS Beijing University Offers 2016

Awards and Notable Achievements

  • YCIS is the ONLY international school in China to receive the Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education.
  • YCIS Beijing is the ONLY international school in Beijing that provides a truly bilingual learning environment.
  • YCIS Beijing is one of five international schools in China accredited by NEASC, CIS, and NCCT.

IGCSE – 2016 Results

  • YCIS Beijing students maintained a 100% pass rate.
  • YCIS Beijing students scored an average five points higher than the world average.
  • Nearly 50% of YCIS Beijing students earned a bilingual diploma.

ICE – 2016 Awards

  • 100% of all Year 11 students qualified to register for the International Certificate of Education (ICE).
  • 9 students received Awards of Distinction
  • 22 students received Awards of Merit
  • Students averaged at least 4 A-A*’s each

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